September 2017 - I'm Aware I'm a Wolf

Getting the Most Out of Goodreads

  1. Create more shelves than just the ones that are automatically there! “Shelves” are one of the best and most helpful things about Goodreads! Check out alllllll my many shelves on my Goodreads for ideas or feel free to think up your own!
  2. Don’t just add books you’ve read to your “read” shelf, but actually rate and review them!
  3. Explore Goodreads lists and recommendations to get ideas for books to add to your TBR list!
  4. Add friends – if you see a review you like or if you just stumble on somebody who seems to have impeccable taste, add them as a friend!

Do you have any tips to get more out of Goodreads? Let me know!

Cleaning Out My Subscriptions on Youtube

I currently have a whopping 398 subscriptions on Youtube – way too many to actually watch all their videos and honestly, just way too many to keep track of at all.

So, today, I’m going to be cleaning out my Youtube subscriptions – I’ll be checking each channel, making sure it’s an active user, making sure I actually do enjoy their videos, and just making sure they’re people who I genuinely want to be subscribed to.

I’m going to go do all that now, and then I’ll return to this post when I’m finished.

Whew, that took a while to go through. I went from 398 subscriptions to only 68! Now I’m actually only following the people I care about watching videos from.

If you want to see who I’m subscribed to, check out my youtube channel.

Favorite Booktubers: Well-known and Small Booktubers

Today’s post is going to be sharing my favorite booktubers. I’ve divided them into two categories: well-known booktubers (booktubers who consistently get thousands of views on their videos) and Small Booktubers (booktubers who consistently get less than a thousand views on their videos). I usually find new/small booktubers by either checking out people who have commented on a video by a more popular booktuber and seeing if they have a channel, or by searching a general term (like “August Wrap-up”) and sorting the search results by “most recent” and just clicking on the ones that look most interesting! I linked to the Youtube channel of everyone mentioned below, so go ahead and check them out if you haven’t already!

My favorite well-known booktubers:

My Favorite Small Booktubers

That’s it for my lists of my favorite Booktubers! Do you watch videos on Booktube? If so, who are some of your favorite Booktubers? Let me know!

Booktube: What are your favorite kinds of videos?

I think a lot of us in the book-blogging world are also fans of the Booktube community on Youtube, where users make book-related videos such as book reviews, book hauls, reading wrap-ups and TBRs, etc.

A lot of the types of videos are similar to the types of posts we post on our book blogs, but what are your favorite kind to watch in video form?

I personally love monthly wrap-up videos, where a booktuber goes through all the books they’ve read that month and tells whether or not they liked each book and gives a little synopsis of each book as well.

Do you watch videos on Booktube? What made you want to start a book blog rather than a Booktube account, making videos instead? Let me know your thoughts!

P.S. I actually have a Youtube channel that I’ve been thinking more and more about turning into a Booktuber channel, but I’ve currently only got one book-related video up (it’s a review of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, but not a particularly good review, if I’m being honest – check out my review of it on my blog instead). But if you want to help support me, feel free to subscribe to my channel or comment on my latest book-related video and hopefully there will be more videos coming very soon!

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